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Alternative table view, poll summary, and more improvements

We just finished putting the latest Doodle release online, it introduces a number of improvements:

  • The poll table, which displays the participants and their answers works fine in most cases. However, in certain circumstances, it causes problems: for example, because some browsers introduce a slight misalignment in the table rows, or because Javascript is deactivated, or because the table leaves too much space unused on large screens. We have introduced an alternative view of the table to solve these problems. It is accessible via an icon that is displayed on the top left corner of each poll table.
  • In December, we silently removed the poll summary to find out whether it is a required feature or not. Since then, many users have asked about it. So now we bring it back, but not without several improvements: The summary is now located at the top of the poll pages where it gives a concise overview of the most important information. You can expand the summary to reveal additional information. The comment stats are linked so you can easily access the comments section.
  • Good news for all Doodle users on Facebook: One of the most frequently requested features was to merge the Facebook-Doodle account and the MyDoodle account. This is now possible from the Facebook-Doodle menu.
  • Some of our users already give the preview versions of Internet Explorer 8 a try. IE8 does not yet render all page elements properly, but we have implemented a workaround. So IE8 should be fine, now.
  • Two new languages (numbers 27 and 28): Czech and Hebrew. Thanks to Jan Šebelík and Shoshi Ross!

2 comments on “Alternative table view, poll summary, and more improvements

  1. nddefossez


    Doodle is a very useful tool when dealing with external organisation where it is not possible to have access to partners’s agenda.

    One useful feature could be the possiblity to sort the list of participants in a survey. This would ease the handling of responses.


    • Thanks for the feedback, we’ll put this on our wishlist. What you can do already: You can export your poll to an Excel spreadsheet and sort (or otherwise) process all information there.


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