Doodle becomes a Sun Startup Essentials member

The Sun Startup Essentials program is designed to help startups get off the ground fast, at lower cost, primed for rapid growth and success. Sun supports startups with hardware, software, training, and support. The partnership with Sun is an obvious step for Doodle because major components of our technical architecture are maintained by Sun: Java and MySQL.

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1 comment on “Doodle becomes a Sun Startup Essentials member

  1. Hi there! I don’t know what pieces of SSE are you using, but, if you are using any of those under the wide GlassFish umbrella (GlassFish Server, OpenSSO, OpenESB, OpenMQ, Hudson…) we have an informal “adoption stories” blog at Drop us an email at stories at sun dot com or at my email and we can talk more. – eduard/o

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