Eight hours to go in 2008 (here in Zurich, at least) and therefore a good moment to look back at some of the Doodle highlights 2008:

  • Closed a financing round (on February 29th)
  • Acquired and activated doodle.com
  • Put our 26th translation online
  • Received several awards
  • Improved and extended Doodle in various ways: MyDoodle, timezone support, hidden polls, Google Gadget, Facebook app, improved calendar export, Redesign, etc.
  • Grew from 2 to 8 employees
  • Moved to a larger office twice
  • Tripled Doodle’s reach to more than 2 million users each month

Thanks to all our users, our customers and to everybody who supports us in one way or the other. Have a great 2009!

2 comments on “2008

  1. I have been using Doodle for a while and just suggested a colleague in Philippines used it. After searching for your web address to send him i noted you seem to be based in Zurich, which also makes me feel good as i live in Dornach.

    The reason for my comment is that when i went to me Doodle personal log on, i recieved a message sayingt that the security certificate issued for the site was different from the one being accessed. Although i think i understand why this is, (my personal website with you may not be the same as the doodle website itself) could it also be related to your change to the doodle.com website?

  2. @ Adrain

    Thanks for your feedback. We changed our primary domain and therefore server certificate to *.doodle.com. You must have had accepted our previous one, which was issued to *.doodle.ch. This warning shouldn’t occur anymore going forward, unless you deny our certificate.

    Hope I could help!?

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