Help Doodle win the Open Web Award 2008

Doodle is one of three finalists in the Places & Events category of the Open Web Award 2008. Help us win the award! You only need to enter your e-mail address in the box below and submit. You can vote for us every day until Dec 14. Thank you!

» Help us also win the Crunchies 2008 if you haven’t had enough yet

Concerned about the privacy of your mail address? The award rules state explicitly that all addresses will only be used to confirm participation in the award.

20 thoughts on “Help Doodle win the Open Web Award 2008

  1. Shahirose Charania

    Absolutely phenomenal. THis is an extremely simple process to utilize, efficient and creates a bit of exitment for the participants as well.
    Great product and thank you for providing it at no cost.
    Hope you win

  2. Ros Pan

    A simple point solution that really solves a business process problem and saves time. Lots of people here at UCD Library use it, even those not usually that much at the forefront on the new technologies and web 2.0 area. It does exactly what it says on the tin, maybe you could make it a bit more foolproof as regards am and pm e.g. only accept 24 hour clock timings, some of my colleagues get that bit wrong but we know what they really mean!

  3. Andrew Hautzinger

    Doodle has grown to be a vital tool in enabling folk to be able to arrange discussions (whether in person or remotely) of importnat topics of the day. Very simple desgin and interface—job well done!

  4. Emz

    I would like to thank Doodle soooo much. It has made work sooooo much easier with the surveys and being able to put the into exel and print it. Thank-you Doodle! Good luck with the comp! Hope you win!!!

  5. Jack

    This is an amazing scheduling tool.
    I use it all of the time for scheduling multi-party meetings.
    It really reduces the time and frustrations.
    It is so easy to use.
    Thank you Doodle for increasing my productivity.

  6. Dawn Adams Miller

    I work with people from many different organizations. Doodle has proven to be the only tool with which I can coordinate their schedules. It saves countless hours of phone calls and emails trying to find times to meet.

  7. Sharon W.

    Wonderful, helpful tool. Easy to use and spreading like wildfire in my both my professional and personal circles. Thank you Doodle!


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