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117 comments on “Nominate us for the Crunchies 2008

  1. I LOVE DOODLE!!!!

  2. super

  3. I don’t know how I ever managed without Doodle to organise meetings! We are all using it in our office now.

  4. Yeah!

  5. A great testament to Doodle’ s utility–the number of people who first used Doodle as participants in meetings that I was scheduling who are now using it to schedule their own meetings. Doodle saves untold hours in e-mailing back and forth to negotiate available times.

  6. Sinnadurai

    An excellent tool.

  7. Patricia D.

    What started as a system introduced by a new employee has now spread campus wide and utilized daily by most faculties and departments. We even have one Professor using it to communicate with his students, and the students love it as much as we do! It’s great to coordinate schedules and saves time, energy, and the frustration levels. We don’t miss the confusion at all!

  8. Walter Schütz

    Doodle is my prefered way to organize polls and meetings with people out of my company – everybody has access and dataentry is very simple!

  9. My colleagues and I are using Doodle for setting up meetings. IT’s quick, easy, and fast. Wish I could have thought of it myself! 🙂

  10. Joanna Carson

    Doodle is the best thing to happen in meeting planning in a long time!

  11. Super Software!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Brilliant idea!

  13. Doodle makes my life a breeze when scheduling meetings. Thanks!

  14. Doodle is a fabulous tool! I am going to share the resource with over 100 organizations at a meeting this month–everyone that has seen it loves it!

  15. I am new to doodle but I think it’s great. Highly deserving of an award.

  16. What a wonderful tool!
    Organising meetings used to be quite difficult…until I found Doodle.
    Can’t imagine Doodle not winning this award.

  17. Fantastic tool for getting everyone on the same page especially when working with global audiences. Been using it for several years now and still haven’t been exposed to anything that works as efficiently and as simply as this.

  18. I love doodle! It’s the best tool for scheduling a meeting!

  19. Great tool. I love it. Use it all the time. Saves me oodles of time.

  20. Stephen Watt

    Doodle’s nice light weight interface makes using it a breeze. I will probably never coordinate another meeting by E-mail ever again!

  21. I love doodle!

  22. Doodle has made my job much easier! Great tool!

  23. Much better than […]!

  24. Angela Hubbard

    Great service…what a time saver.

  25. Randy Harris

    I use Doodle all the time to schedule various committees. It saves a lot of time and frustration with people phoning or emailing dates. People think that it is fun as well – go figure that scheduling a meeting date could be fun!

  26. I think that is a very good tool for organizing and group decision making…

  27. Excellent scheduling tool! Thanks!

  28. Miriam Bolton

    Doodle saves me hours of time in scheduling complex calendars. I have shared this program with my friends and colleagues and without a doubt, this is the most useful software program I have ever used. AND ITS FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  29. I am a doodle maniac….I love it and don’t know how I managed without it.

  30. A cool idea – and fun to use!

  31. Sharon Deaver

    This is a awesome tool. Everyone loves to use it.

  32. This tool has revolutionized meetings at Ontario universities. Instead of sending an email asking people when they are or are not available; it’s so easy we just create a quick poll and voila- piece of cake…all the stressful problem solving is removed- doodle gives you an unbiased recommendation for the best date. So democratic! So easy! Give doodle the crunchy!

  33. Génial

  34. I love doodle, I couldn’t get things moving without it!

  35. Great help, great idea!

  36. Doodle is the best!

  37. Doodle is soooo helpful.

  38. Gread tool. Doodle rocks

  39. Doodle has been very useful to help us organize meetings! We no longer spend meeting time trying to find the best time to meet, or filling out paper schedules that then need to be collated after the meeting (or held up to the light to find a vacant time). What a great tool!

  40. BankTrack, the global campaign network tracking operations of commercial banks, is entirely run on doodle for planning all its many many meetings and calls. we are eternally grateful to the doodle people for building this.

  41. Doodle started out as a great frustration-saver for scheduling teleconferences, and it has now become an equally great timesaver for polling. Simple to set up and easy to use. Doodle deserves a Chrunchy! And a “green” Chruchy for saving lots of energy.

  42. It is a great tool!

  43. Doodle works like a breeze!

  44. This site is awesome

  45. Doodle makes planning a meeting fun. Now if only it could make the meeting itself fun… maybe in the next version? 🙂

  46. bravo ! très bon outil !!!

  47. What a cool ideaa !

  48. Alison, Glasgow

    Doodle is one of those brilliantly simple ideas that just had to happen. Everyone who has seen it used now uses it themselves. For simplicity and time-saving, it definitely deserves a Crunchie award!

  49. Kathryn Crowley

    An invaluable tool for scheduling meetings. Saves so much time and energy. Well done.

  50. 素晴らしいよ。

  51. Everyone who has been asked to respond to Doodle has then started using it for themselves – a great reaction – most remarkably for internal usage, not just for remote meetings.

  52. Super

  53. we use doodle all the time, for professional, or personal use!
    love it 🙂

  54. Vincent W.

    Don’t know how we did it before doodle….

  55. This tool is THE revolution of the year. So useful for everyday life. It deserves an Award.

  56. hallaluyah doodle is there

  57. Doodle has made meeting and staff scheduling so much easier! And the new enhancements are great too. Thank you!

  58. I really appreciate how convenient and easy to use Doodle is. Everyone I’ve introduced it to has begun using it as well.

  59. Great meeting logistics tool.

  60. Maryann S.

    Doodle has made me a Star at the office! I love it!

  61. I love the ease of completing and scheduling meetings! Yaaaah Doodle.

  62. Very nice – very easy to get started

  63. The best scheduling system I have used, across the board! Thanks a million, hls

  64. A tremendous time saver, particularly when dealing with people in several different locations!

  65. Doodle is genius !

  66. ..ever tried to get a group of 6 active women friends together?? This is the answer for personal use! Regarding professional use… It’s the “in” thing. Saves time, energy, and people actually respond. Deserves the award. Thanks for coming up with Doodle…

  67. Doodle has been the best hidden treasure I have found. It is wonderful and I have turned everyone onto it in my organization who need help scheduling a meeting.

  68. Every time I send a Doodle link to a new person I am profusely thanked for having introduced him/her to the tool – thanks for making us look so cutting edge!

  69. Much easier way to schedule meetings than collecting available times.

  70. I LOVE the doodle so much that I named my dog after it!

  71. I have never use this tool but it seems like very useful for organizing class .

  72. This site is one of the best that I have seem when it comes to scheduling and tracking time.

    Thanks DOODLE!!

  73. Joe Parrish

    I vote for Doodle!

  74. thanks to Doodle work is more bearable! Excellent idea

  75. Doodle is wonderful. Scheduling used to be the worst part of my job. I am so thankful to Doodle for making it so much easier!

  76. Scheduling meetings with the help of Doodle is like being able to walk through closed doors. Amazing!!!

  77. Doodle is delightful, easy, efficient, and fun! Thanks a bunch!

  78. sweet organizing tool

  79. Francine B

    Doodle m’a singulièrement simplifié la tâche dans la préparation des réunions.

    Outil fantastique et facile d’utilisation.


  80. doodle has saved what is left of my sanity!

  81. Alessandro

    … how have we doing befor doodle !!??!!

  82. Doodle is wonderful. It’s an excellent tool!!!!

  83. Doodle …. the perfect tool for perfect organisation … thanks a lot

  84. Kristen C.

    Works great!!

  85. A great web tool.

  86. Flemming Hansen

    Doodle is a fantastic utility – use it !!!

  87. Doodle is wonderful. It is such an efficient tool.

  88. Doodle is also great for organizing volunteers. I use it all the time for this.
    I’ve done a small blot entry on it at

  89. Geneviève

    I use doodle since its creation and I hope to have contributed to make it known from a lot of users!

  90. Tseyen Frank

    Een geweldig hulpmiddel om verschillende mensen bijeen te brengen, of activiteiten op elkaar af te stemmen.

  91. Sandi Spratt

    Great to organize conference call for non profit volunteers.

  92. Doodle is fantastic; best tool ever!!!! People who respond to a doodle from me always ask how they can use it.

  93. Doodle is the best! Dooddle forever!

  94. C’est top, on gagne beaucoup de temps et ensuite, on peut le perdre intelligemment en partageant un repas (de travail, bien sur) !!!

  95. Doodle is the best thing since sliced bread! And I pride myself to be a connoisseur of sliced bread…

  96. Ph. Schwemling

    Very useful and well designed tool !

  97. Merci pour votre réponse prompte

  98. Irremplaçable, aussi bien pour le travail que pour les réunions familiales !

  99. Eduardo Magalhaes

    Doodle is the tool that I use to schdulle office meetings between offices, conference calls and even some private events with a lot of people!

    It is so easy and usefull as an Umbrella.

  100. I love this site.
    It has been so helpfull for my colleagues and I.
    Thank you.

  101. Super!

  102. Very helpful! Just great!

  103. Doodle is a miracle. I’m on the board or committees of many organizations, and there’s always meetings to plan with other busy people. Before doodle came along, planning meetings was a nightmare. Now it’s done within a few hours, stress free. I also use it to plan dinner parties and other social events with other busy people. We all love it!

  104. Doodle is just brilliant. How did we do before without such a tool? We just loose a lot of time. Many thanks.

  105. Dianne McPherson

    I use doodle every month to schedule meetings. It’s great and very easy to use.

  106. Doodle is a dawdle!

  107. I love Doodle! I use it all the time to schedule meetings at work and get-togethers with friends. SO easy to use… and it helps cut down the email clutter that comes from trying to schedule a few busy people!

  108. Adil Ahsan

    Love it.
    I use for scheduling meetings for the nonprofit I am involved with.

  109. Doodle is a fantastic resource that everyone should know about.

  110. Well done!

  111. If I can do it anybody can

  112. A great tool

  113. Tamara Bahr

    This is the best little app on web I have come across in a VERY long time.

  114. Ralph Altmann

    Superb Tool

  115. Doodle has revolutionised my social life – we use to organise night out, baby showerd, dinner parties etc! So easy to use. I also organise sports teams. All the organisers now use Doodle to check availability and to canvas support for various ideas!

    It is brilliant and amazing because it is free!!!

  116. Ueli Briegel

    DOODLE is one of the must useful goodies on the Internet!

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