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Doodle is participating in the Open Web Award and made it to the second round! Please help us proceed to the final round by giving us your vote. You simply need to enter your e-mail address in the box below and submit. You can vote for us once or — if you’re really motivated — every day until Nov 30. Thanks so much!

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34 comments on “Keep on voting for Doodle!

  1. Heini Hartikainen

    Doodle really makes life simplier and easier!

  2. Daryl Steeves

    A GREAT tool for co-ordinating cross-organization meetings

  3. Hubert Nimtz

    Doodle is just great !

  4. great for busy people

  5. Just learned about doodle. It’s great for coordinating busy schedules.

  6. Semplice utile facile ….

  7. alan Schulman

    An indispensible tool!

  8. Doodle makes collaboration so much simplier. It is easy, quick and elegant!

  9. This is really cool!

  10. So useful, keep it going!

  11. simply great!!!

  12. Yes, I would say it is very helpful.

  13. Lawrence Block

    Where was this all my life? I have benefited from Doodle in so many ways: scheduling meetings, teleconferences, classes, etc. And, it’s so easy to use!

  14. No objection at all to promote doodle – but I don’t like the idea of having to reveal an email address to an obscure organisation that doesn’t waste a single line on explaining what they’re using the data for.

  15. Tracey Davis

    Always good to have more variety and opportunities to access good and useful websites such as this!

  16. Doodle is the best tool for trying to set up a meeting that is convenient to people living in 4 different time zones (or more).

  17. Andreas, we totally agree with you, that’s why we investigated: Mashable used to publish the following rule: “E-mails will only be used in regards to alerts about the Open Web Awards” (still cached at

    We have asked them, why they have taken the note down. Here’s the answer:

    “I looked into this and I was informed that we’re not using the email addresses at ALL. We removed it because essentially the email addresses are being used once to confirm the vote, but thereafter, email addresses are not going to be used for alerts at all for the OWAs, which is what the previous verbiage suggested.”

    So users submitting their addresses should be OK. We told them to include the note again.

  18. Thanks for taking your time to investigate OWA’s use of email addresses! I’ll now happily give doodle my vote (using a one-time email address, just to be on the safe side)…

  19. Bruno Pozzetto

    Doodle is just one our best collaborators. It saves time and money and makes relationship easier. Many thanks.

  20. Mashable now have the rules regarding their use of our e-mail addresses online again at .

  21. meeting scheduling is no longer a yo yo process that ends with everyone wanting to tear their hair out.
    Thanks Doodle

  22. Just love it.

  23. From local coordination to international scheduling: Doodle is essential for the first most important thing: “Getting to YES!” about date and time.

  24. Kimmo Vääriskoski

    I wouldn’t have translated Doodle if it wasn’t one of the greatest and most usable services in the web. 🙂

  25. And thanks again for your support, Kimmo.

  26. As for work or leisure activities, doodle is a wonderful tool which makes life easier !
    The nightmare about organizing meeeting with numerous partners is now over !

    All my colleagues are now using doodle

  27. Mingelbier Christian

    Outil très utile, facile à paramétrer, simple à utiliser, très belle conception.

  28. So useful, keep it going!

  29. Win!

  30. excellent

  31. Been using Doodle for over one year. It’s a dream. Why don’t the more popular mail apps offer such a simple and useful tool?!

  32. Doodle rooles 😉

  33. It is so useful and simple to use!

  34. Always useful…especially the Poll for our Christmas do!

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