Vote FOR Doodle today!

Today, Doodle was nominated for the Open Web Award. This truly international award honors innovations in the web and would be a great signal for the free online scheduling service Doodle.

Our most important innovation is the consequent implementation of the KISS-principle: Keep it simple, stupid. You can see the result on your screen.

Now it’s up to the web community, it’s up to you! to opt for the best innovation. Do you find the Doodle principle compelling? Then give us your vote! Just fill in your e-mail address below. Only until November, 16th. Thank you!

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34 thoughts on “Vote FOR Doodle today!

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  2. Dave Milward

    This application has proved to be extremely useful and easy to use when planning meetings of our 32 member consortium working in 11 organisations across 6 countries. Excellent tool.

  3. Linda Gorlitz

    Wonderful interactive scheduling tool! I use it to schedule guest seminar speakers each week. It has made my life much easier. Thanks much.

  4. Chris

    This site has made my life much easier. Part of my job is to schedule meetings with staff from many locations in our network. Doodle has simplified that process and cut down on the time it takes me to set up meetings. Thank you!!!!!!!!

  5. sky

    This is a brilliant idea!! it will be even better is all time slot can be automatically added instead of having to be generated by user. thank you for bring out such an excellent application.

  6. Faith

    This site has revolutionized the process of setting dates for meetings, parties, and any other type of gathering. Thank you for sharing this idea with us!

  7. Jan

    Doodle’s meeting scheduling service is simple to use yet incredibly effective. Everyone can use it immediately and it saves tons of time.

  8. Mimi

    Great application, not only is it easy to use, it is also free.
    thank you for helping to make arranging meetings soooo much easier

  9. poppy

    Doodle has made my life much easier and saved a lot of space on my mail box. I have been using it weekly since February 2008 to monitor attendance/non attendance in my club’s weekly meetings.

  10. beo

    Complimenti per l’offerta.
    Un sito che rende molto nell’organizzazione asincrona di riunioni e altro ancora. Un GRANDE servizio con un piccolo, ma performante, software.

  11. Maria

    Many people in CERN like to use doodle to identify meetings dates, some people use it even to organize their family events ;)) Doodle certainly deserves award!


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