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Scheduling around the world: www.doodle.com

As of today, Doodle is accessible at www.doodle.com. The new domain does not change any of Doodle’s current services, but emphasizes its international orientation. Doodle is already available in 25 languages and supports scheduling across time zones. The language, in which Doodle is displayed to the users, is selected automatically according to their personal browser settings.

23 comments on “Scheduling around the world: www.doodle.com

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  2. Bonnie Robinson

    I was wondering if your polls were accessible to assistive technology (screen readers, etc). When I did a check of your sample page I found that there were no labels on your form fields. If this issue is resolved I’d be likely to use this software. Great concept!

  3. Bonnie, thanks for your comment. We’ll certainly look into this in the future.

  4. Speaking of I18n: One thing you really should look into is the 12 hour clock confusion about noon and midnight. Your “12pm” could easy be mistaken for midnight (as in “12 hours past noon”).

  5. @Helge

    Thanks for your feedback. Interesting point. Although in the U.S. 12am stands for midnight and 12pm for noon. The average user wouldn’t be familiar with the definitions from Wikipedia. We will add your feedback to our todo list and investigate it further in the future.


  6. I see from this post that language is selected automatically according to the user’s personal browser settings. Can someone tell me whether that applies for time zone support as well? If not, how does Doodle select a time zone for users? I just had someone log in and the site read her time zone as Zurich though she is in DC – does this mean her computer is set to Zurich time?

  7. @Rachel

    Doodle doesn’t use the same mechanism to select a timezone. What we do is mapping your computer’s IP address to the geo location’s timezone. If that person is connected to the internet from DC, Doodle will select the DC timezone. (I think that’s EST?). But if that person travels to Zurich and opens a Doodle from here it will pick Zurich timezone.
    Since you say the person opened the Doodle from DC but it still picked the Zurich timezone, then there must have been a problem resolving her IP address to the corresponding time zone.

    Can you please ask her to retry and see whether it happens again?


  8. When setting this up, I entered times (in my time zone – Eastern U.S.) and sent the participant link to someone in San Diego. The times did not convert to Pacific Time. How do I get this to work? I’m trying to schedule an international teleconference.

  9. @SCK:

    Did you enable timezone support when setting up your poll? On the wizard page, where you enter the times, there is a link called “Timezone support”. Click on that the next time you setup a poll and the participants will automatically see the suggested times in their timezones.

    Remark: Once your poll is created, you can’t enable/disable timezone support anymore. You will have to recreate your poll.

  10. Brian Cashman

    I wonder if it’d be possible to clarify the timezone link? It says “with time-zone support” and it’s not clear if you need to click this link to get timezone support or whether timezone support is turned on by default (and therefore clicking the link turns it off). It might be good if the link said (for example), “click for time-zone support” or “time-zone support is not enabled, click here the enable it.”

    Since you can’t change the timezone support feature once the poll is created it might be good to say that explicitly.

  11. @ Brian Cashman,

    Thanks for the feedback. Fully agree with you. We’ll have it fixed in one of our upcoming releases.


  12. Dennis Coyne

    Once one has created a schedule poll, neither the participant nor the administrator can tell if the poll has time zone support or not. There should be a note indicating the time zone.

    In addition when someone is filling out the poll at one geographical location (time zone) for a future event in which they will have re-located to another location (time zone), it would be useful for the participant to select the time zone that they would like to respond in.

  13. @Dennis Coyne,

    Thanks for your feedback. We do show a timezone drop-down list once timezone support is enabled. This should give enough indication that timezone support is active. For each participant, it will automatically select the right timezone. At anytime you can manually change the timezone and the poll options will change accordingly.

    Hope that helps.

    P.S. Some more info on timezone support

  14. It would seem to make more sense to list the time zone next to the times. THen there would never be any confusion. 11:00 AM (EST) is unambiguous to the creator and users of the poll. 11:00 AM with a dropdown in the upper right corner is not nearly as much so.

  15. @Scott,

    Thanks for the feedback. I see your point. Though we really want to make the table as compact as possible. Appending the timezone to each time option would blow up the table-width tremendously.
    BTW: Have you tried our new design? Open a poll link and click on “Try our new design (BETA)” on the upper right corner. You still think it’s a problem?


  16. why is time zone support even an option? make it customary!
    I’m having a serious issue telling if my meeting I joined has time support or not and it’s quite irritating.

    • Hi,

      When creating a poll with calendar view, time-zone support is enabled automatically. Using the basic calendar one has to enable the time-zone support. It is optional as many don’t need time-zone support when scheduling a local poll for example.

      You can easily distinguish a poll with time-zone support and without. Check the area above the calendar grid / table view of the poll. If you see a time-zone, the poll is using time-zone support. Here’s a screenshot: http://cl.ly/image/1r1X1L0z0f31

      If you want to create a poll with time-zone support yourself, read here how to enable time-zone support:

      If you have further questions, please use our contact form to contact our support team:

      Best regards
      Your Doodle Team

      • Hello,

        I a m connecting from France. Un like before, time zone support does not even appear anymore as an option. There is no “Switch-on time-zone support” anymore in Wizard Step 2, like mentioned in Help Page http://support.doodle.com/customer/en/portal/articles/645367
        I used to find this option before.
        It is quite worrying as I am scheduling online meetings between 3 different costumers in the world that travel all the time…

        Thank you for the help: it is quite urgent…

        Best regards, Cedric

      • Hi Cedric
        Our support is happy to help you with all your questions, feel free to contact us at http://doodle.com/en/help/contact-form

        Your Doodle Team

      • Hi Cedric,
        as we haven’t heard back from you, here is an additional explanation for your question regarding time-zone support:

        Time-zone support is still an option when creating a Doodle poll. Please read here how to enable time-zone support:

        If you don’t see the link ‘Switch-on time-zone support’ at step 2 there can be two reasons:

        Using basic calendar:
        You are on the first page of ‘step 2’ – choosing the dates. Click ‘Next’. Now you can fill in the times. Above the time-fields you can click the link ‘Switch-on time-zone support’.

        Using calendar view:
        You don’t have to enable it, as time-zone support is enabled automatically. Simply check if your time-zone is showing above the calendar grid. If not, alter it.

        You are trying to edit an existing poll (which is not using time-zone support).
        Time-zone support can’t be changed once the poll is created. So you can’t activate or deactivate it later on.

        But we introduced a new feature to duplicate polls. Open your admin link and click “Create a duplicate”.

        You now can activate or deactivate time-zone support just as needed.
        But be aware that you are only copying the poll itself (the options, settings). You have to invite again. No participations will be saved.

        Hope this helps to answer your query,
        Your Doodle Team

      • Hello,

        I figured out your answer and realized that indeed I could duplicate and include that Time Zone option only when creating the poll, but not when editing it after creation.
        Thanks anyway and hoping that this option can be activated one day for also when editing the poll (like the other options).

        Doodly yours,


    • Do NOT make it customary. Timezone support has been badly broken on Doodle (maybe its fixed now but I avoid it). For several years everyone in Waterloo was “automatically” being assigned the incorrect timezone of America/Rainy River instead of America/Toronto. Rainy RIver is off by an hour! This causes complete havoc because people don’t check their incorrect time zone … they assume its OK. So unless the timezone being assigned is *flawless* its better to leave it off.

      • Hi Mike,
        thanks for your comment.
        The case you are referring to has happened months ago, this problem has been long fixed by our engineering team.
        Happy Doodling
        Your Doodle Team

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