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MyDoodle for iGoogle

Today, we are launching the Doodle Gadget. It allows iGoogle users to integrate MyDoodle into their personalized portal page. MyDoodle is an optional Doodle account which allows users to access and manage their polls and scheduling acitivities in one central dashboard.

The gadget allows MyDoodle users to integrate this dashboard into iGoogle and gives them an easy and up-to-date overview of the latest acitivities and the current status: How many people have participated in which poll? When was the last update?

» Add the Doodle Gadget to iGoogle
» Open a MyDoodle account

Facebook and other integrations: The Doodle gadget is the latest step in a series of integrations. In September, we launched the Doodle Facebook application which won the 1st prize of Facebook’s German Application Contest one month later. Doodle is also integrated into a number of web sites and is used by various organizations to schedule their business events and meetings.

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