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Upgrade your life with Doodle

Lifehacker has written a book on how to work smarter, faster, better. We’re happy and proud to see that Doodle is also one of their lifehacks:

Anyone who’s had to schedule a meeting or get-together for a large group of people knows how difficult finding a date that works for everyone can be. Instead of sending around a group email with possible dates, which everyone responds to multiple times with what dates work for them, set up a group poll in one place with Doodle.

Upgrade your life with Doodle
Upgrade your life with Doodle

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  1. Lisa Johnson

    Good Afternoon, I would like to receive information on the cost to subscribe. Thanks in advance

  2. Lisa, Doodle is a free service. Just go ahead and use it at http://www.doodle.com .

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