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Doodle brings easy event scheduling to Facebook

Starting today, we provide Doodle to the Facebook-Community as well. Facebook users who have added the Doodle application can poll their friends for a date or time in a few simple steps. Invitations to participate in a poll can be sent via Facebook’s messaging system. And even people without a Facebook account can participate in the poll upon invitation by e-mail.

Doodle is a great extension to Facebook. While Facebook’s current features are good for managing events given a date, Doodle is the easiest, most efficient way to find the best date or time for a group event. And it is the first application to add this functionality to Facebook. We’re excited to find out how much the Facebook community will like the new Doodle application.

» Use Doodle for Facebook

Update on coverage so far: Lifehacker, Life Clerks, Download Squad, 901am, BlogSchmog.

Doodle for Facebook
Doodle for Facebook

24 comments on “Doodle brings easy event scheduling to Facebook

  1. This is welcome news. We use Doodle quite a bit at the Indiana University School of Informatics to find available times for group meetings. I like the idea of being able to coordinate this through Facebook, because it makes your tool more accessible and familiar.

  2. I get the message that my Browser is not supported. I’m using the latest Safari (3.1.2) on Mac OS X Leopard. Is there any good reason why Safari doesn’t work?

  3. Any chance you will allow us to join together “My Doodle” and Doodle on Facebook? Should be easy enough based on email address….

  4. I’m using Safari 3.1.2 on my Mac, so unfortunately I can’t use this service…

  5. @ Joachim: Yes we are aware of this. We will have Safari (incl. Chrome) supported with one of our next releases. The reason behind is here:

    @just jon: We will add your request to our wishlist. If enough people ask for it we will do it.

  6. Put a second name on the request to join facebook-doodle and MyDoodle (seems logic to use it this way)


  7. Norma vasquez

    We use Doodle quite a bit at MD Anderson Cancer Center. It is a very friendly tool.

  8. Yes, please provide options to fuse MyDoodle and facebook-doodle

  9. Yep, we use doodle at Uni of Auckland, and alot of our students and staff use facebook. Being able to use from within FB and direct via Doodle, based on the same account, would be a great improvement.

    Another feature request – the editing workflow when changing existing meeting schedules (adding more hours/days), and editing your own entries, is not intuitive. Most of our users get lost and end up killing meetings trying to do this. It seems the editing links are in hard to find places, partly because they look no different to all the google adwords ads everywhere.

    anyway, we do love to doodle :O)

  10. Oh n1ce

  11. Nick: Thanks for the input. We also realized that the editing use case is not very user-friendly currently and needs improvement. And we will look into this and improve the interface so the function will be easier to find and use.

  12. desktraveler

    Another vote for joining facebook-doodle and MyDoodle!

  13. @kmakice is certainly correct. We use Doodle quite a bit. Good to see you on here.

  14. i’m really amazed about this… maybe an integretion of the facebook friendlist would be usefull… so if i’m doing a lot of meetings with the same people, i just could select the according friendlist…
    but nice work…

  15. There is a small mistake inside the URL of the picture named inviteparticipants_small.png. the file is not found.

    Best regards,

  16. Doodle is probably the most useful page on the whole Internet ! I would push also to have “My Doodle” and Doodle for Facebook together – it seems rather obvious if one is a regular user of both…

    Anyway thanks for the good work and keep it up !

  17. Download Firefox or IE Explorer for your Mac and then it will work. I have a Macbook and have no problems using this software. Firefox is better than Safari anyway.

  18. A month ago we successfully launched Facebook Doodle. We are close to 10,000 active users and have already over 300 fans. This is exciting!

    We got tons of great feedback. Tell us what you want to see next and vote here:
    The most voted feature will be implemented with our next release.


  19. Yes, please merge the two accounts… It would be usefull like when only a few do not have facebook.

  20. I concur that merging Facebook Dooble and MyDoodle would be extremely useful.

    I also agree that the editing feature is not intuitive.

    Also, is there any way to “freeze” the names of participants on the left of the screen while scrolling towards the right to view the common dates and times?

  21. Hi, nice tool… Seems like I’m a little behind in progress but still, it’s nice to find this friendly tool 🙂

  22. Erm, does this still exist in facebook in any form?

  23. Have your thought about adding some social bookmark buttons to your website site? At least add one for Digg so we are able to digg you up!

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