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Doodle recognizes time spans

Doodle always allowed to specify time spans like “8am-9am”. But now Doodle also “understands” time spans and properly recognizes an appointment’s start and end time. This is very useful when you import a Doodle appointment directly into your calendar (e.g., Outlook, Google Calendar, etc.), because the appointment will then show up with the correct times, along with all the other relevant information like date, subject, description, and the list of participants.

Example of a Doodle event which was imported into Google Calendar
Example of a Doodle event imported into Google Calendar

13 comments on “Doodle recognizes time spans

  1. Is it possible to have Doodle show 24-hour times instead of 12-hour times with AM/PM?

  2. Mark

    No, when used/viewed in English, Doodle uses 12-hour times with the AM/PM marker. When used/viewed in another language, Doodle uses that language’s time format.

  3. Not being able to use 24 hour times is what’s keeping me from using the otherwise very nice service. That’s a pity and a bit frustrating. Maybe you could add a simple option that makes the site display the entered string verbatim without trying to parse the time? That would be great – I personally don’t need or want any special parsing of the time.

  4. @Joel,

    Doodle automatically picks your locale’s time format. In which country do you live?
    Every poll participant will see it in their own format. E.g. 24hour in Switzerland, AM/PM in U.S.


    • John Waters

      What associates AM/PM with English? In Britain 24-hour format is used at least as much as 12-hour format and is far more useful for purposes like this. (At the same time, why do we have to get the month/day/year US date format? That can be very confusing. I don’t know of any other software that doesn’t allow date and time formats to be set by the user.)

      John \:

      • John

        When you use British English, Doodle uses the 24-hour format.
        The language can be set at the bottom of each page, in your Doodle account, and/or in your browser’s settings. “Plain” English defaults to American English, which is what might be happening in your case.

        Best regards,

  5. I totally agree – stupid that there’s not an option to select 24 hour format display… STUPID!

  6. Hi Martin, please see Reto’s comment above for more information on how Doodle chooses between the two formats.

  7. Hello, I cannot set doodle to my mother language (Portuguese), and even after I changed to english_GB and the local time to Lisbon, I keep having the times in the 12 hour format. Its very annoying! Can anyone help me?


    • The same bug here – GB english, location Slovakia, and still AM/PM time (e.g. 1 PM), it is annoying, i prefer 13, 14 etc. Could you help me? Above link (answer to John) is 404.

  8. It seems to work if I manually add the “locale” option to the link before I mail it to the participants. I added “?locale=se” to the link and all times suddenly changed from 12 hour to the 24 hour format! Everything else was still in english, but it is an acceptable solution for me.

    • It was not that easy. It doesn’t always work. I can not see the logic behind the behavior.
      This is my major complaint about Doodle.
      I want to specify the default time format for the participants.
      Add a button for changing the time format, instead of the random function we have now.

  9. Ok, I have the answer from the Doodle support: by adding “?locale=sv” I can force the proper settings for Sweden, including the 24-hour format.

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