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PowerDoodle: Freely combine Doodle options

Doodle’s standard poll is the transparent, binary yes-or-no poll. But Doodle also supports hidden polls and so-called ifneedbe polls. Hidden polls hide the answers from participants, only the poll administrator can inspect the results. Ifneedbe polls support three options instead of two: “yes”, “no”, and “I can make it if necessary, but I’d prefer a different option”.

In our latest release, we also included PowerDoodle, which allows poll administrators to freely combine these options in a last, optional step when they initiate a poll. As PowerDoodle is optional, our users can also choose to just ignore PowerDoodle or to even skip the last step. Please refer to this overview page if you’d like to see in what ways you can combine the PowerDoodle options.

The PowerDoodle button is displayed when a poll is initiated — you can skip PowerDoodle by clicking “Finish” here

PowerDoodle options

16 comments on “PowerDoodle: Freely combine Doodle options

  1. ingiltere ogrenci vizesi

    it looks like a nice site, thanks..

  2. Dave deBronkart

    IfNeedBe is good, but our ten-person find-a-meeting-weekend poll keeps hitting two substantial bumps, which I’d suggest as future features:

    1. There’s no “?” option, which would let me answer some of the dates without being forced to select “IfNeedBe” or yes or no, all of which are not valid answers.

    2. Similarly, when we had to expand the date range, all the new dates did have a nice “?” answer, but the moment I opened my row for editing, the “?” disappeard, and everything was (incorrectly) marked No. I had to BACK myself to the previous screen to see which dates were actually “?”, jot those done in another app, then go back in.

    Good little tool – just offering suggestions. Right now the lack of “?” is an almost-show-stopper for us. Thanks.

    (One more suggestion – it would be handy to attach comments to specific dates. For now the existing comment facility is enough, as long as everyone remembers to check it.)

  3. Thanks for the feedback and the suggestions. We deliberately did not support a “unknown”/”?” option so far, because we felt that this option does not help the event’s organizer: I as the orgaizer do not care about the unknowns, they are equivalent to “this person cannot make it” when I choose the best time slot for the event.

    That said, we are interested to hear if you (or others) disagree and see much use for an “unknown”/”?” option and we might consider this as an additional feature for future releases.

  4. Can a Doodle poll be imbedded as a widget in another website?

    Great tool! Thanks!

  5. Sure! Use the “subscribe” link given with each poll. See here for example:

  6. Great Tool – Thanks

    Do you think about giving the possibility to make an “election” : give us the 3 preferred in 10 games (1 2 3) ?

  7. it would be better with other languages support, but thanks..

  8. Isi: What langugage(s) would you like? Our translations are provided by volunteers, maybe you’d like to contribute also?

  9. Froniforquomi

    Nice site!


  10. Hi,
    Last week I created a doodle shedule events and the powerDoodle was available.
    Today, I’ve created a new one, but PowerDoodle was unavailable (Impossible to click on it).
    Do you have a tip for me? Thanks so much

  11. @ AD: Thanks for your feedback. Are you sure you created a new poll? The only way PowerDoodle is not available, is when you administer an existing poll. Would you mind sending a screenshot to ?


  12. A ? answer would definitely be useful. As an organizer, I’d rather choose the date that 5 people can make it and 3 are ? over the date that 5 people can make it and 3 are no. But without a ? answer, I can’t do that.

  13. I definitely think that adding a “?”would be a nice idea, at least as an option. Maybe this is not a good idea for choosing a date, but imagine you want to choose a film. Some of the users may not know one of the proposed films. “?” is the natural answer for them.
    And as Al1, I think that the possibility to give some rankings (1-2-3) would be a good idea, and would enable more flexibility that simple Yes-No IfNeedbe polls. This can be used to differentiate answers like: “I could come if necessary” and “I could come but I am not very motivated” and “I can probably come, but there is a risk that some other important event will be postponed to this date, etc.

  14. Louise Rogers

    Would really welcome a ? option and some means of leaving a comment about those ? dates. Because whether it is helpful or not people use this option themselves by emailing these ? preferences to me and I have no way of including that in my Doodle poll.

  15. I think that question mark (?) answers are not very useful. Perhaps the “Add a comment” link should be emphasized in some way. For example, add a sentence to the top of the schedule saying “Scheduling difficulties? Wnat to leave a comment? Then click HERE”.

  16. I strongly support the ? option. Sometimes you just need some time to figure out if you answer “yes” or “no”, so the “?” can be a good answer in the meantime, and the organizers do not have to wait until the last moment to figure out about the other days…

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