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Doodle in 25 Languages

Thanks to the many volunteers, Doodle is now available in 25 languages. The latest translations are British English (by Johannes Müller), Bulgarian (by Kalina Sutter), Chinese Simple and Traditional (by Peter Peng), Greek (by Giannis Giannopoulos), and Slowenian (by Vito Smolej). Thus, Doodle can now be understood by roughly 2 Billion people worldwide!

4 comments on “Doodle in 25 Languages

  1. The dutch part of the translations are only partial. Please allow me to edit it so it will be completely in dutch.



  2. Sure! Thanks for the offer, we will get in touch with you shortly.

  3. Would you like to have Doodle work in Hebrew? I will gladly volunteer.

  4. Dear Roy,

    Thanks for the offer. We currently have someone working on the Hebrew translation. If we need some more help, I will get back to you.


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