Experience the benefits

There are loads of benefits to having a free Doodle account. Let’s have a look. 


With a free account you can track all the polls you create and participate in. Rather than trying to manage all of your polls with just the links in your inbox, you can access everything from one convenient dashboard. No need to worry about losing an admin link and trying to recover it.   

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With a Doodle account you can create a unique username and add a picture to your profile. When you participate in polls your username will appear automatically in the blank and your picture will show up just beside. All you’ll have to do is choose the dates and confirm.  

Stay up to date 

You can also keep up with all of your poll updates by subscribing to notifications. You can get push or email notifications for the polls you create as well as the polls you participate in.  

Calendar integration 

As you may have already read in my last post, a free account allows you take advantage of our calendar connection feature. When you connect your calendar to your Doodle account you’ll be able to see your appointments when you create or participate in polls. Never worry about a conflict or a double booking again. With a calendar connection you can also add your events to your calendar automatically. Also, based on your connected calendar Doodle will even suggest times that best suit you. When you open a poll to participate you’ll see some of the boxes are already checked based on your availability!


Don’t forget about the apps!

If you have a free account you can download the app and switch back and forth between your phone and your desktop seamlessly. Create a poll for work and need to check it while you’re out and about? Our apps for iOS and Android allow you to take your Doodle polls with you wherever you go.  


Go ahead and sign up for an account here…  

One-click reminders

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Invitees slow to participate? Send a reminder with Premium Doodle.

One of the coolest features of Premium Doodle is the ability to send reminders to those invitees who have yet to participate in your poll.

If you have some invitees that are slow to cast their votes, you can easily get in touch and encourage them to respond. Doodle will keep track of everyone so that all you have to do is click a button to instantly send out a reminder email. Managing a dinner party with 10 people or an business event with 100? A polite reminder message is just one click away.

When you send out the invitations to the poll make sure you do so via Doodle. You can click ‘invite’ at the top of the page and then ‘email.’ Simply add the email addresses of your invitees in the box. When you send these invitations you’ll see the email addresses appear as placeholders on the poll. When these invitees participate in your poll their email placeholder will disappear.

To remind those participants who haven’t cast their votes you can click the ‘send reminders’ button at the top of the page. You’ll see the email addresses of the non-responders and a brief polite message. You can edit the message and add a personal touch or send out the emails as it is.

Sign up for a free trial of Premium Doodle for 30 days to experience the benefits for yourself.

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ABC: Always be closing

All the votes are in. Choose the final option.

So you created a Doodle poll and everyone you invited has selected the dates that work for them. What now?

With the new version of Doodle, we improved the poll closing functionality. When you click ‘choose final options’ in the ‘more’ menu at the top of the page, Doodle will suggest the best final option(s) for your poll. When you scroll down to the table you’ll notice that the options that best suit you and your participants will have a gold star next to them. You can simply click ‘done’ to confirm. If you’ve connected your calendar the event will be added automatically. Otherwise, you can click the ‘add to calendar’ button just below the poll to add the event manually.

The best part is that when you close the poll everyone who has subscribed to notifications will receive an email or push message that you’ve chosen the final date for the event. With these automated suggestions and notifications, your job as poll creator just got even easier.

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Get an opinion on anything

Sure it’s simple to use Doodle to find the best time to meet, but what if you want to find out something else?

With a Doodle text poll you can ask your participants anything you like.

So you’ve just used Doodle to figure out the best date for a big family weekend. Everyone participated in the poll, and it turns out they can all make it. Now you have to decide exactly what to do. You could rent a cabin in the mountains, visit the beach, or do some big-city sightseeing. The good news is you don’t have to be responsible for finding the activity that satisfies them all. You can create a text poll with the options and let everyone vote on it! It’s the best way to add a little democracy to the planning process.

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 12.18.41 PM.png

It’s pretty easy to think of all kinds of applications for text polls. Want to get a count on who’s eating what for that dinner party coming up? Need to know how many would opt for chicken or fish or how many vegetarians are around? Spicy or not? Just include all of these options and plan the rest of the meal accordingly.

If you want to start a text poll you can do so from the homepage. Scroll down and click the ‘create text poll’ button. It’s similar to a Doodle time poll, but during step two you write in the text for each option rather than choosing dates. 

Create a text poll.

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Power up your calendar

Get the most from Doodle. Connect your calendar.

When you connect your calendar to your Doodle account you can create and participate in polls with the advantage of viewing your calendar appointments at the same time.

There’s no need to toggle back and forth or stretch and balance your windows to simultaneously compare the poll and your calendar. 

Open your account settings and click the appropriate calendar. Simple as that… https://doodle.com/account#calendars


The calendar connection also allows you to add events to your calendar automatically.

You can sync all your poll selections and final dates automatically. When you open a poll and click over to calendar view, you’ll see the option to choose a calendar from the menu in the bottom left corner. Then you can choose then choose to add selected and final dates to your calendar. Once you make your selections, those date/time options appear in your calendar without a second click. These tentative dates can serve as placeholders so that you can plan the rest of your schedule without the possibility of conflicting events. Once the final date has been chosen the rest of the tentative dates disappear and you’re left with one event in your calendar. Or you can skip this step and just add the final date to your calendar if you like.

Keep in mind that Doodle offers a direct connection to Google and Microsoft 365/Outlook.com calendars. All others can be subscribed to via ICS feed.


Get the word out! Send invites

Noticed anything different lately?

You’ve been contacting us via email and Twitter with loads of comments and suggestions over the last months. Guess what? We’ve listened.

Pulling from the feedback of millions of users, we’ve spent the last year working tirelessly to bring you this new and improved version of Doodle. We hope you’re enjoying the refined process of poll creation and fresh look of the site.  

I’m here to bring you some fresh tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your scheduling experience. Let’s go!

Send invites: With new Doodle we offer you two different ways to share your poll with others. Once you’ve added all your options and completed your poll, you can click ‘invite’ at the top of the page to see the participation link of your poll. You’re free to copy this and share it as you like. You can also click ‘email’ and send out your invitations directly from Doodle. Moments later your invitees can open the link from their inbox and make their selections in you poll!

Go ahead and give it a try.

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The Switch-over


It’s hard to believe how quickly time flies. From its start over ten years ago, Doodle has grown into one of the most popular scheduling tools worldwide, with millions of users and millions of polls created every month. If you meander through the memories in our blog, you’ll notice there’s been a lot of changes over the years, most recently with the launch of our redesign. The redesign brings effortless poll creation and management, as well as a fresh modern look.   

But now it’s time for the grand switch-over. From October 19th, 2017, the old version of the site will be retired, and the new redesigned version of Doodle will continue on as the official version. It’s time to crack a bottle of champagne on the hull and let it set sail.   


Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash


Doodle is the simplest way to find a time for a meeting or an event. First you create a poll with all the options you like, then you send it out to your friends or colleagues. They vote, and in minutes you have the time that best suits everyone’s busy schedules.

Based on feedback from our millions of users, we’ve refined the core features of Doodle and improved the process of poll creation and management. Now, you can set up a poll in only three quick steps. We’ve also polished the time-picker, and combined both date and time selection into the same page. In a snap, your poll is finished and you’ve sent out your invites.

Managing polls is just as easy as it’s ever been with new version. There’s one intuitive menu at the top of the page where you can find everything you need. Want to add another date or make it a hidden poll? A few clicks and your poll is updated and upgraded. As the votes come in, Doodle automatically highlights the best option with a star, so you can find it with a glance and set the date.

Doodle offers a direct calendar connection, so that the final option appears in your calendar automatically. It’s also easy to recognize scheduling conflicts when creating and participating in polls.   

step 2

Premium Doodle

Doodle offers several plans full of advanced features specifically designed for business professionals and teams.

With a Premium plan you’ll be able to send out private polls, with their own individual links, ensuring that only those you’ve specifically invited can participate in your poll.

This is also necessary to employ the Doodle’s handy ‘who is missing?’ feature that allows you to quickly view who has and who hasn’t participated in your poll. And what if you’re missing a few participants? With Premium Doodle you’ll be able to quickly see who you’ve invited to the poll and send out reminders directly to your participants encouraging them to make their selection before the poll closes. Premium business users can include a company logo or background and send out their polls without the ads, ensuring that their polls have a more professional quality.  

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 11.56.17 AM

Even more to come  

First we improved poll creation and management by streamlining the process to make it even more user-friendly. Next up is adding a little shine and design to the dashboard and improving the login and sign-up processes. We hope you enjoy the new look and feel of Doodle as much as we do. Keep your eyes peeled for the new developments on the way.