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Doodle launches new Android App

Today is a big day for Doodle. We’re excited to announce the release of our completely redesigned and rebuilt Doodle App for Android, which is now much more powerful and easier to use. The new Doodle App has everything that people liked about the old version, but it also includes some great new features.

Stay connected with powerful notification options

Need to clarify something? The built-in chat feature enables you to instantly chat with all of the participants. Push notifications will keep you informed about everything that’s going on.

Keep your contacts and participants visible

Contact integration helps you to quickly invite all of the people that are important to you, and with the matrix view you can quickly review all participations.

We are listening

In addition to the new Android App we are also releasing an update for our iPhone App that brings you the matrix view as well as the possibility to create Text Polls. Stay tuned, we have an exciting mobile roadmap planned for you.

But for now, visit the Play Store and download our new Android App for free!

Your Doodle Team

Doodle gets a major iPhone update

Today is a big day for Doodle. We are very excited to announce the release of our completely redesigned and rebuilt Doodle App for iPhone, which is now much more powerful and easier to use.

we present the new Doodle iOS App

Presenting the new Doodle iOS App

A totally new experience

Our previous iOS App was intended as a mobile companion for heavy Doodle users – something you used between accessing Doodle on your computers. Now that people are increasingly relying on mobile devices in addition to (or instead of) their computers, our old approach was not sufficient. We started from scratch by focusing on how our millions of users manage their time on the go. The result is a brand new experience for your iPhone that helps you to come to an agreement with a group of people – at any time and in any place – right from your mobile device. It’s available today and it’s free.

The power of Doodle at your fingertips

The new Doodle App has everything that people liked about the old version, but it also includes some new features which are wrapped in a fresh and improved easy-to-use interface. It’s compatible with iPhone 4s and newer, including iPhone 6 Plus.

Stay connected with powerful notification options

Need to clarify something? The built-in chat feature enables you to instantly chat with all of the participants. Push notifications will keep you informed about everything that’s going on.

Keep your contacts and appointments visible

Contact integration helps you to quickly invite all of the people that are important to you, and with the built-in calendar integration (for Premium users), scheduling conflicts are a thing of the past.

More on the way

Our mobile team is now a dedicated product and engineering team at Doodle, and we have an exciting mobile roadmap planned for you. Next up is the release of our iPad version and a major update to our Android App. But for now, visit the App Store and download our new iOS App for free!

Social Media Making us Less sociable – finds Doodle study in the UK

Online scheduling specialist Doodle did a recent study on the use of social media in the UK, here are the findings:

· Every hour Brits spend with friends takes 28 minutes to plan on social media

· 61% cancel social gatherings after planning drags on

· Average meet-up with mates takes 30 messages to organise

Social media like Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter have made pinning down a date to meet with mates a logistical nightmare, meaning frustrated Brits are now less likely to see friends face to face. That’s according to new research1 from Doodle, examining how friends plan get-togethers in the digital age.

It found that a whopping three quarters of us (73%) regularly use social media or messaging tools to plan gathering with friends, but with the average three-person meeting taking 30 messages to organise, many are simply tuning out. The situation is even more painful for 18-24 year olds, with the average meeting requiring a thread stretching to 50 messages.

As a result, 61% say that social gatherings are cancelled because friends, frustrated by the drawn-out planning process, drop out and over 28 million (58%) of us admit to ignoring email threads, muting never ending WhatsApp conversations and leaving Facebook notifications unread.

36% of us also admit to discussing the same meeting across three or more social media platforms or messaging tools at one time. Thanks to this endless game of planning ping pong it now takes Brits an average of 28 minutes to organise every hour they spend with their friends.

Yet, half of Brits say they would like to see their friends more, and 49% said that they would be much more likely to do so if it was easier to figure out when their friends were free.

Michael Brecht, CEO of Doodle said, “Agreeing a date and time to meet friends can be like pinning jelly to a wall at the best of times, but the explosion of messaging services has made it even worse. Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter were meant to make communicating simpler and all of us more sociable – this research suggests they are having the opposite effect.”

Doodle has developed a simple, free solution to the problem, which Michael hopes will result in more friends meeting up face to face. Doodle users set up an event online, add suggested times and then send the invitation link to all invited. Invitees then select the times they’re available and Doodle works out the best time for everyone and notifies you. Our Doodle service is growing rapidly in the UK, with a Brit using Doodle to arrange a meet up every minute of every day2.

Michael concludes, “Friendships are incredibly important, and need to be nurtured – studies have shown they even help you live longer. We feel like we’re doing our little bit to make it easier for friends to meet up and share quality time together.”

Top social media and messaging tools to organise outings with friends in the UK:

1. Facebook (51%)
2. Email (43%)
3. Facebook Messenger (30%)
4. SMS (28%)
5. WhatsApp (26%)
6. Twitter (18%)
7. Skype (16%)
8. Snapchat (9%)

1 Methodology: Research commissioned by Doodle and conducted by independent research firm, One Poll between 17th and 19th February 2015. One Poll carried out a survey of 2,000 UK consumers aged 18 – 55+. Percentages and figures quoted refer to the proportion of the whole sample, unless otherwise stated.

2 In 2014, over 947,000 meeting ‘polls’ were created on Doodle in the UK, equating to 1.8 polls/minute

Mobile Doodle relaunched

For quite some time, we’ve been receiving feedback from our users about the lack of the table view on the mobile version of our website. Many of you have requested it because it offers a much better overview of who is available and when.

Well, we’re happy to say that we’ve now brought the unique table view to Mobile Doodle. We’ve also updated the interface, which makes Mobile Doodle much clearer and more like an app. Check it out!

It’s important to note that only newer phones and specific browsers are supported yet. We’ll add support for more devices over the next couple of weeks. Also, Mobile Doodle focuses on the basic features of Doodle, so if you need access to additional features, please check out our iOS and Android apps.


Doodle on Android: The Sequel

A little over a year ago, we retired our Android app, but thanks to the ongoing requests from our users to bring it back, we’ve decided to relaunch an improved version of the Android app, and you can now download it from Google Play.

The app is based on our successful iOS app that has been around for more than three years. It includes a greatly improved user experience that is optimized for Android phones and tablets.

Here are the features that you’ll be able to enjoy:

  • Easily participate in any poll by tapping on its participation link anywhere on your phone (e.g. in Mail)
  • Initiate and track meeting requests from your phone, wherever you are
  • Invite participants using your phone’s address book
  • Optimized result view suggesting the best option for your meeting
  • Communicate with participants using the comments feature
  • Quick participation with the “All Options” or “None of the Options” button
  • Easy access and overview from your dashboard
  • Connect your Doodle account to stay in sync with your Web dashboard
  • Poll administrator functionality
  • Integrated with the local(!) calendar on the mobile phone

Mobile Doodle is still available for free through a Web browser, but we offer our paid mobile apps for advanced users who want access to more features. The Android app is charged on a yearly basis.

Download the app now and let us know what you think!

Doodle_ easy scheduling - Android Apps on Google Play - Google Chrome 2013-10-09 11.31.03

Doodle Android app screenshot

Why we will retire our Android app

Yesterday we announced that we will retire our Android app. The announcement triggered a wave of feedback. We appreciate the comments, and we wanted to give you some more background information about why we decided to retire the app.

First of all, Doodle is a lean company with a team of 12 people running, engineering, and marketing a service that is used by more than 10 million users worldwide each month. That’s why we need to be extremely focused in our activities. For our mobile services, that means that we implement the non-native version internally ( and rely on partners for development of native apps.

We developed the native Android app with our partners at Acrea. At the time, it was an important project for them and we were full of expectations. It turned out that the app did not fulfill those expectations entirely. It has achieved decent adoption in the 20 months since the launch, but it has not had the massive propagation that we had hoped for. Instead, it created a significant support effort, and the primarily ad-based business model has not been a sufficient incentive to continue to maintain and extend the app for us or Acrea.

It’s not about Android vs. iOS. The reason why we’re keeping the native iOS app is that our partner Neoos has agreed to continue working on it, which is in a large part fueled by the fact that the iOS apps are paid apps that generate noticeable monthly revenue.

Now, we know that not all of you love, but we believe that it is well-suited for the requirements of mobile devices and we are committed to improving it further. With that in mind, please send us your input about how we can improve it!

Thanks for your understanding and your support!

Here’s a quick Q&A regarding the questions we hear most frequently about the Android app and the mobile Web version:

Q: I don’t trust browsers to save my password.
A: You do not have to save your password and user name in your browser. You just sign in once and we remember that you logged in. We also do not save your credentials, but instead, we store an encrypted identification.

Q: I don’t want to login each time.
A: See above.

Q: I want to access the tabular display.
A: Use the “desktop” link at the bottom of the page to access the normal view, including the table.

Q: I want to see the names of the poll participants.
A: Click the people icon at the top to see the names.

Q: Doodle does not work with Opera Turbo turned on.
A: We are in contact with Opera and they have promised to resolve the issue.

Android app to be retired

The mobile usage of Doodle grows rapidly and we’ve invested a lot in the mobile interfaces, namely the mobile Web version and the iOS app. And while Doodle’s Android app was a great success in terms of downloads it wasn’t as intensely used as we expected. That’s why we decided to retire the Android app in favor of the mobile Web version and to free up resources for other projects that make scheduling even easier. Instead of the app, you can use the mobile Web version on your Android smartphone – it has the same features as the Android app and more, calendar integration for instance.

What does this mean for you?

  • You don’t need to do anything.
  • You won’t lose any data. If you used MyDoodle in the app, you will see all information and polls on your dashboard.
  • To retain a one-click button to access Doodle, you can add a bookmark to the homescreen of your smartphone (see how).
  • We are going to stop redirecting from Mobile Doodle to the Android app by October 1st. And we stop providing end-user support for the Android app today.
  • If you want to switch to already today, you can delete the app. If you do so, please delete also the Doodle cookies in your browser in order not to be redirected to the (no longer installed) Android app.
  • The users of any other “Doodle” app on Android should know that there’s no official Doodle Android app any more and you might want to use mobile Doodle instead. You can also withdraw access rights to these apps if you have installed one (see how).

Important information to all users of our iOS app: there are no plans to retire this app.

And finally, we’d like to thank our partner Acrea for the great collaboration!


Get more information in an Update.