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Updates to the Doodle Wizard – we’ve made it even easier for you to invite your participants

February 4, 2015

In the past several weeks, our Doodle Engineering Team has worked hard to help people who are using our scheduling tool for the first time. In fact, we’ve redesigned the invitation step of the Doodle poll wizard and we’re launching the updated version today. So what are these changes and how do they help?

First of all, you can now use Doodle to send out up to 20 invitations without needing to sign up for an account. We increased this number because so many Doodle polls include up to 20 participants, and this number has risen week by week. This tells us that you’re using Doodle with more and more people, which is simply awesome!

If you want to invite more than 20 people, then we will require you to sign up, simply to prevent misuse and spamming. Doodle will send out beautiful emails to your invitees, all of which you can preview in the wizard. These emails explain what Doodle is and they contain the invitation link to your poll. You can even add a personal message to these emails.

Invite more friends, colleagues or guests easily

Invite more friends, colleagues or guests easily

Secondly, you can now connect your Google and iCloud address books right in the wizard to make it even easier to find all of the email addresses for the people you want to invite. We honor your privacy and only send invitation emails to the users you want to invite – we will never contact someone from your address book without your permission. We do not even store your address book on our servers.

For our regular users, we want to point out that you can still use Doodle the way you always have. You can still invite people by sending the link to your survey on your own. Just skip the invite step and you’re good to go.

What do you think? What other ways to invite people would you like to see on Doodle? Please give us your feedback right here on our blog.

Your Doodle Team

Doodle adds “reset admin link” feature to help administer your poll

July 30, 2014

Who hasn’t experienced this problem before: we click the SEND button in our eMail program and realise just in that same second, that we have sent a wrong link or have sent the eMail to the wrong person. Our Doodle users told us that they would love to get security for such error when sending the participation links for a scheduled poll out.

With today’s release, we have improved the use of Doodle admin links. Within the admin panel for your poll we now have added a functionality for organisers to reset the admin link. Such new admin link will be sent to the organiser by eMail, actually to that address that was used for setting up the poll. All users that have received the former admin link will be able to participate in the poll but not be able to administer the poll.

In hoping that we were able to help our users with such change we wish you happy Doodling on the world’s easiest scheduling tool.

Your Doodle Team

Doodle calendar integration improvements [Update]

May 27, 2014

With 20 million users, Doodle is the worlds largest and most successful tool for scheduling group events and we continuously work on improving our product. During the past weeks we worked on improving our calendar connection for Doodle.

Doodle’s calendar connection is one of the preferred options for people to choose Premium Doodle. We received a lot of feedback from our users regarding our synchronization feature and over the time one thing stuck out: Users do not want tentative events to be synchronized making their calendar unclear.

That’s why we chose to change this feature and only use the sync functionality with their final event from now on. This keeps you calendar tidy and you are still able to find all important events at a glimpse. Tentative events that were already synchronized will be smartly removed with the next synchronization initiated by yourself.

[Update as of 11 June 2014]

When we published the blogpost above, we were keen to getting some feedback from our Doodle users. And yes, we received a lot of feedback here on the blog and through our support hotline which we appreciate. It is the open communication which helps us improve our Doodle application.

Because of your comments we were able to understand how you use the calendar integration and which factors are important to you. Based on the overwhelming feedback from you to keep the temporary calendar entries up we decided to wind back the current version. With our current release, we now offer you the choice with every Doodle synchronization, whether you’d like to enter provisional dates in your calendar or whether you would like to only enter the final date(s).

Bildschirmfoto 2014-06-11 um 11.10.08

Thanks again for everybody’s constructive feedback so far and for any comments on the changes within this release.

Your Doodle Team

Mobile Doodle relaunched

December 18, 2013

For quite some time, we’ve been receiving feedback from our users about the lack of the table view on the mobile version of our website. Many of you have requested it because it offers a much better overview of who is available and when.

Well, we’re happy to say that we’ve now brought the unique table view to Mobile Doodle. We’ve also updated the interface, which makes Mobile Doodle much clearer and more like an app. Check it out!

It’s important to note that only newer phones and specific browsers are supported yet. We’ll add support for more devices over the next couple of weeks. Also, Mobile Doodle focuses on the basic features of Doodle, so if you need access to additional features, please check out our iOS and Android apps.


Doodle on Android: The Sequel

October 9, 2013

A little over a year ago, we retired our Android app, but thanks to the ongoing requests from our users to bring it back, we’ve decided to relaunch an improved version of the Android app, and you can now download it from Google Play.

The app is based on our successful iOS app that has been around for more than three years. It includes a greatly improved user experience that is optimized for Android phones and tablets.

Here are the features that you’ll be able to enjoy:

  • Easily participate in any poll by tapping on its participation link anywhere on your phone (e.g. in Mail)
  • Initiate and track meeting requests from your phone, wherever you are
  • Invite participants using your phone’s address book
  • Optimized result view suggesting the best option for your meeting
  • Communicate with participants using the comments feature
  • Quick participation with the “All Options” or “None of the Options” button
  • Easy access and overview from your dashboard
  • Connect your Doodle account to stay in sync with your Web dashboard
  • Poll administrator functionality
  • Integrated with the local(!) calendar on the mobile phone

Mobile Doodle is still available for free through a Web browser, but we offer our paid mobile apps for advanced users who want access to more features. The Android app is charged on a yearly basis.

Download the app now and let us know what you think!

Doodle_ easy scheduling - Android Apps on Google Play - Google Chrome 2013-10-09 11.31.03

Doodle Android app screenshot

Doodle introduces iCloud integration

July 23, 2013

iCloudLogoIf you’re an Apple user, then you probably know that iCloud enables you to store your content (including calendars) online and seamlessly share it with your other devices. As a Doodle user, you can now connect iCloud to Doodle so that your calendar data is synchronized with Doodle and iCloud.

This is great news for Apple users because the cloud-based integration means that the calendar data will always be available, current, and automatically shared with other devices.

To set it up, all you have to do is activate the option, sign in to iCloud, and you’re done. This feature does require a Premium Doodle account, and you can get additional information from this page.

Please try it out and let us know what you think!


Improved admin pages, undo deleted poll

June 26, 2013

Today’s Doodle release brings two new features:

  • Our admin pages (i.e., the “Manage Account” part of Doodle when you register for an optional account) have been a mess because they have evolved over time. We have now restructured them and given them a fresh look & feel. So they should now be easier and more fun to use.
  • Manually deleted polls can now be restored by the creator for a couple of days. This is good news for all our users who happen to inadvertently delete polls they’d later like to access again.


Doodle_ Your user-account - Google Chrome (2013-06-26 16.56.14)

BookMe News

May 23, 2013

Our latest release brings the following improvements to BookMe:

  • The admin interface for BookMe has been revamped completely. The new interface makes it much easier to set up a new BookMe page or configure an existing page.
  • The “Book now” button in the very first step of the BookMe process is now always shown with each service in order to ensure that your customers don’t miss it.
  • Similarly, we have improved the bread-crumb navigation in the BookMe process to make sure that your customers will follow through to the very end of the process.
  • With the “Manually accept” booking mode, BookMe will now only send confirmations after you have explicitly accepted an appointment request by a customer.
  • Last but not least, appointment requests can now be accepted or rejected directly from the e-mails that BookMe sends out. This is a great feature to manage your appointments on the go.


Better printing, preferred option, fixed Kaspersky

April 3, 2013

Here are the feature highlights of today’s Doodle release:

  • Doodle is about reaching consensus on when is the best time to meet. We try to support this process as much as possible. Today, we introduced a small indication that highlights the currently preferred option (Screenshot). We hope that this will incentivize participants to make this option happen.
  • Better printing: While we suggest to save paper and follow the status of your Doodle polls online only, many of our users wish to print the information once a poll is closed. Now you can print Doodle polls directly from your browser, e.g. pressing ctrl+p. You no longer need to print via the PDF export. Update: Due to popular demand, we rolled back this feature and re-introduced the old PDF functionality on April 24 2013.
  • Many of our users who use the Kaspersky security suite had troubles using Doodle recently. We have introduced a fix for the problem and hope it resolves the issues. Let us know if it does — or doesn’t.

BookMe: New features and success stories

March 25, 2013

We’ve added a couple of new features to BookMe:

  • Locations are now optional. This enables virtual companies with no physical locations to also use BookMe.
  • Buffer times: Certain businesses need buffer times before and/or after an appoinment to clean or prepare for the next customer. Such buffer times can now be set individually for each service in BookMe.
  • Lead times define the minimal time span between booking an appointment and the actual appointment to take place. This allows you as the business owner to prevent overly short-term appointments.

And we’ve asked some of our customers about BookMe. Here’s what they say:

  • Eurocentres says: “The first BookMe appointment came in on the first day of offering the new service – and the number of appointments by potential customers from around the world is growing daily.” Learn more
  • Float says: “30%-50% of all appointments are booked through BookMe. Oscar Trott estimates that the center is spending six to eight hours a week less on the phone.” Learn more

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